Lets taco ‘bout hair oil treatments!

Your hair is one of the first things other people notice about you when meeting you for the first time. Whether you know it or not, your hair is always telling a story. The colour, cut, and even texture of your hair… yep, people are probably making assumptions about you! We know, crazy right! That’s not by any means saying you need to have the most current contemporary style, however maintaining and taking care of the hair you have is more important than ever.

In todays society women AND men are paying more attention to personal grooming than ever before. In the past it was not commonly accepted for males to be too invested in the way their hair or skin looked, as this was seen as too feminine for a man to be concerned with. However, in the quite recent past there has been an enormous increase of male grooming, what products they use, and how they use them. It is now more accepted than ever that men, women, boys and girl pay particular attention to their personal grooming, and as such, it is important to be educated on suitable products to use.

Simple yet effective hair care routines are increasing in popularity and we’re here to educate you about some of the products you should be including in yours. Hair oils are an amazing multi-functional product that certainly deserves a permanent place in your hair care routine. What do they do, how do they work, and why should you incorporate them into how you manage your hair?

Hair oil treatments are by no means a new development in hair care however there are now a number of ways that they can be used such as:

Hot oil treatment - can be used as a deeply nourishing and revitalising treatment for the hair to strengthen, moisturise, repair and add shine.

Tame fly-aways – using sparingly hair oil can help to de-frizz your daily do whilst giving it a lovely shine.

Seal split ends – helps to repair damaged split ends.

To keep our hair healthy and vibrant it is not enough to rely on a trip to the salon every once in a while. It is important to incorporate treatment oil into your hair care routine, as it will ensure the integrity of your hair between visits to the salon. Not only this but it will ensure your hair is hydrated and prepared for the next service you have at the salon.

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