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One green juice to go, hold the alcohol.

As it turns out, the ingredient list on your haircare can be just as important as the ingredient list on your green juice.

We use products like dry shampoo for all the good things: like refreshed locks, voluminous roots, and a blow dry that lasts 7 days, not seven hours. But there can be downsides, too.

That is, of course, if you’re not using the right one. Because hidden under a good hair day can be damaging ingredients that increase breakage and, in extreme cases, cause dandruff, sore patches, acne, and hair loss.

Some of the most common of these ingredients are:


Used to bind ingredients together, the long term use of alcohol on the hair cuticle causes breakage, and encourages dandruff and blocked pores.


Used in aerosol cans to propel the dry shampoo out, it leaves a heavy film over the hair making any following moisturising efforts hard or even completely pointless, leaving the hair dry, dull and lifeless.

Brown Algae & Clay

Used to help regulate the production of a natural oil known as sebum and disguise shine. These ingredients are great for absorbing oils but sit on your scalp and block your pores.

By this point you may find yourself running to your cabinet to check out the ingredient list on your haircare. But you can rest easy if you’re using our Dry Shampoo & Root Boost.

It’s made using natural ingredients that help your hair to look great today, and better tomorrow.

We cut out the chemicals and added natural starch to absorb excess hairs oils. Leaving it refreshed and full of body, without the damage. No white residue or product build up means your secretly not-so-clean hair will remain a secret.

And while it’s tempting to cut washing hair all together, regular cleansing is important for healthy hair and a happy scalp. Neon & Co’s Good Hair Shampoo & Conditioner makes for the ultimate balance.

Quick Tips

Always check the bottle and only use products containing good quality, natural ingredients.

Rotate between dry shampoo and regular shampoo. Dry shampoo is great as long as it's used between regular washing as too much, or too often, can disrupt your hairs natural shedding process.

Use as a styling aid to boost and enhance volume if your hair is fine. And remember to blend, blend, blend.

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