We posted a Question sticker to our Instagram followers yesterday: What are you doing today just for fun? Usually, we find Questions incredibly useful for connecting, but this time, no one responded - in fact, even at TLW HQ, we had no good answers to the question. 

They say youth is wasted on the young: are we wasting ours? When was the last time you had fun? 
If it’s been too long, we’re here to help. We’ve created a list of 12 ways you can have more fun today: 

1. WEAR MORE SCRUNCHIES. Carrie Bradshaw once said, ‘No woman … would be caught dead at a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie!’ Sorry, Carrie, it’s 2019, and scrunchies our go-to look. They’re equal parts pretty, easy, and good for your hair, too – they don’t snag and damage your hair like plain, old elastic hair ties. Try half up, half down, or pigtails just for fun. 

2. EAT AN ICECREAM. Put it in a cone, make it into a sandwich, or pair it with cake. Eating icecream is truly one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. 

Image source: @mood70s , Instagram

3. LESS HAIR TIME. Choose products that keep hair cleaner for longer, and speed up dry time, because you’ve got more important things to do; like eating icecream and watching Netflix.

4. PLAN AN ADVENTURE. Adventure into a new part of town, or around the other side of the world. Take a friend.

image source: @almondfits, Instagram

5. SHARE A SELFIE. Share the first selfie you take: don’t analyse every pixel. Being self-critical is not fun or productive. Life’s too short.

6. TRY HAIR ROLLERS. Give lifeless hair some va-va-voom with sleep-in rollers. Sleep-in rollers mixed with the right products save your hair from heat damage, and they save you time in the morning. Big, bombshell hair goes well with throw-your-head-back laughter. 

7. SPARK MORE JOY. Out with clutter: only keep the things that make you happy. Less stuff, more joy.

Image source: Pintrest

8. JUST AIR DRY. Skip the hairdryer on a hot summers day and add weightless products that compliment your hair’s natural texture and shape. 

9. DOCUMENT YOUR SUMMER. The sunsets, the sunrises. Enjoy the warmth and make memories: keep a journal and take photos. 

10. PET A PUPPY.  Animals are friends and funny, too. 

Image source: Pintrest

11. CUT SOME BANGS. Long, eye-skimming bangs are a simple way to change up your look; variety, after all, is the spice of life. Play with texture or pin them up for a fun, playful look. 

12. BUY NEW PRODUCTS. Ones that spark joy, with cute slogans on them. They’ll put a smile on your face every day. Also, they’re perfect for selfies. 

Can you suggest other ways to HAVE MORE FUN? Comment below! 

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